The Dedication Gear Consignment Program is a very easy, no-risk way to help your business earn some extra revenue, while making your members love your business more.  Each designated time period, Dedication Gear will send you a new shipment of Dedication Gear apparel.  Simply, send back what you have left from the previous shipment and begin selling the new arrivals.  Your business will only be billed for what you actually sell, therefore no risk to you.  This program works well for gyms, clubs, and organizations that have pro-shops or have the space to display and sell items.


A second way to partner with us is to let us build you a website specific to your organization using your existing logos and designs.  In our research, we have found there are many teams, gyms, clubs, and organizations that would like to be able to sell apparel that do not have a pro shop or space for consignment, or they simply do not want the headache of keeping up with inventory and reordering.  Many small businesses buy their apparel up front for resale, but find it difficult to properly estimate quantities and end up losing money on unsold product.  This program can eliminate all of those issues.  All you have to do is, promote your website and direct your members to your website.  You will receive a percentage of all sales.  The more they shop, the more you earn, and without any risk.


If you are a business that would like to purchase Dedication Gear at a wholesale price in order to sell in your stores or facility, we are happy to help.  Whether your organization is in the United States, or overseas, we would love to partner with you.

We love making our Dedication Gear apparel line, but we love even more helping create custom designs just for your team, gym, club, or organization.  From one shirt to ten thousand, our team can create and produce what you need in house.


Dedication Gear and Bender Apparel have several simple fundraising programs available.  Please contact us for more information so we can find the best fit for your gym or organization.