Dedication, Responsibility, Teamwork, Consistency.  These are all traits you learn from participating in team sports.  These sports teach young people and families the importance of dedication and commitment, and it is with this in mind, Bender Apparel is excited to announce our new apparel line:  Dedication Gear.

How did this all begin?  Honestly, it came from my daughters, Charlotte and Caroline.  They have been a part of a local gymnastics program for 11 years.  As time passed and they have progressed through the sport and qualified to larger regional events, I began to notice they asked less and less to buy the souvenir t-shirts that were sold at each competition.  Obviously, knowing  that I make custom apparel for a living, Caroline, my oldest, asked if there was a way we could make some more trendy clothing rather than plain t-shirts. That’s where the inspiration hit.  My girls are proud of being gymnasts and the hard work they put into their  passion and want  to be able to express that  while still looking fashionable.  Our goal became to create an apparel line that fills the need for stylish everyday wearable clothing dedicated to a sport or passion.  Whether it is gymnastics, cheer, baseball, or golf, the Dedication Gear goal applies.

Our dedicated team at Bender Apparel knows that each team, squad, club, school and organization has their own unique personality.  We hope you like our line of apparel, but our talented team can also create custom apparel just for your team, organization, school, or church.  We want to join with your organization, work together, and do whatever it will take to provide your team with the gear needed to love whatever they are dedicated to even more.